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23rd August 2011

Games for girls Hannah Montana

Play modern teenager is crazy to imagine without computer games. And if the boys more Byzantine shootings and car racing, for girls there is a truly different type of games that are in general not aggressive, less dynamical, ie correspond to the future of...

06th May 2011

What Makes Funny Comic Strips Funny?

From the readersí perspective there are several ingredients that make funny comic strips funny. That is why a good idea for those planning to make comic strips is to look at existing graphic novels, comic strip websites and other humor dedicated vehicles ...

11th March 2011

The Successful Story is Still On

Leonardís success was been known since last summer when his autobiography I am one of them was published in Canada. It was a story of a business man in his 50s, who has mounted the peak of his career. A great number of outstanding businessmen and those wh...

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