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20th June 2011

The Best Selection Of Indoor Tanning Lotions

Every one of us needs a bit of help when it comes to achieving a good tan, and we've all more than likely experienced the effects that a bad tanning lotion can bring. Such effects as the orange knees, palms and fingertips that come from a lotion that does...

15th April 2011

A Shoppers Guide To Tanning Lotion

A Shoppers Guide to Tanning Lotion With tanning lotion today, there is no reason why you can't keep your bronzed bodyall year round. But unless you're immersed in the tanning culture, it's quite easy to get confused by the huge variety of products on t...

13th October 2010

Sun Labs Offers The Best For Sun Care Products

If you are looking for quality self-tanning products online, Sun Labs is the best choice you can make. There is a variety of products to choose from according to what you need. The website has products which have been developed over decades and is popular...

22nd June 2010

Why use pure skincare this summer?

As summer comes along, and we spend long days at the beach, it is important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but SPF is not the only important factor to consider. Some skincare products contain potentially harmful chemicals. The effects of thes...

19th April 2010

How to find that the natural cosmetics you buy truly are natural?

With increasing awareness of the harmful effects synthetic products can do to our bodies, more and more people are getting interested in natural cosmetics & beauty products. Because of the booming popularity of natural beauty cosmetics, today, one can fin...

29th December 2009

Organic Skin Care Is Good For You

If there is one beauty trend that seems to be getting its fair share of attention and hype, it is organic skin care. A lot of people, particularly celebrities, are switching on to organic skin care products and letting other know about it. Before passing ...

12th October 2009

Natural Lip Balm

Much lip service has been given to greener lifestyles, but what about greener service for your lips? Considering that even the most conscientious amongst us will end up licking our lips a few times a day, doesn't it make sense to be as proactive about wh...

09th October 2009

10 Things To Prevent Dry Skin

Loosely defined, dry skin is when your skin loses or can't maintain its moisture. This can result in itching, skin cracking and also peeling in affected areas. This condition is most apparent in the winter months and is amplified by the use of forced ai...

27th March 2009

How Safe Are Your Personal Care Products and Cosmetics?

Most personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics and make-ups are used by millions every day. But do you know how they are made and are you familiar with the ingredients they contain? Studies show that most cosmetic companies add synth...

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