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11th November 2011

Battlefield 3- Bad Company 2 Hints

It has long been the good old days "days of Battlefield 2, in addition to its absence, Call of Duty originated also said the first-person shooter crown. Developers DICE have responded with a worthy competitor, but is usually good enough to be able to hit ...

21st March 2011

Game review APOX

In BlueGiant Interactive received and tested at the same time a little uppity way - they took and repainted equipment and units in the ash-yellow color, stylized existing buildings are no longer under the unique "But we built it all from the fact tha...

02nd March 2011

Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men - Beauty Industry and Missed Opportunities Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series: Missed Opportunities and The Beauty Industry In business, we've all played the "if I only knew then what I know now…" game. And yes, most - if not all - of us would lunge at the opportunity to jump into a time machine and e...

18th February 2011

Parents role in teenager life

Rapidly changing world parents need to recognize after 18 years of age your children’s are their own different person who must have his or her own identity. This is causing big problem in their personal life and carrier life. They never learn to make thei...

20th December 2010

Ways To Save Money While Playing Games

Gaming is undeniably one of the best forms of entertainment nowadays. Unfortunately, the advancement in games also caused advanced expenses for players. Games for any game console are very expensive, and you cannot simply buy everything that is being rele...

14th April 2010

Getting the Best Scores on Xbox Live On Shooter Games

Getting the best scores on Xbox Live can depend on the game, the game mode and the style of play you like. There is no point playing a game and trying to get the best scores if you are not having fun whilst doing it. As soon as you stop having fun it beco...

06th January 2010

I need to download audio books legally

In the current era, no one has time to sit for hours and dedicate their precious time in reading books. But if you are a true book lover, you will definitely look for different ways by means of which you can engage yourself with books. Nowadays with the a...

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