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30th July 2010

Cultivate your own weightloss plans through expert meditation process

By Rose in Diet
In our fast life it is quite natural that we often indulge into fast weightloss solution and often found ourselves in the midst of critical health problems. In fact in the world of internet people will be flooded with ample info on how to shed weight and ...

23rd February 2010

Avoid Health Hazards - Control Your Calories!

Boost your confidence with easy weight management tips. You don't just look and feel better but you will rediscover the ‘new' you. Good health can be promoted with weight loss, if not, you may face cardiac problems, high level of cholesterol and increas...

09th April 2009

How To Conquer Weight Loss Plateaus With Diets That Actually Work

Earlier this year I was asked by my personal training clients to find some diets that actually work. I tried to explain to them that almost all diets work, especially if your sole goal is just to lose weight. The problem with many diets that don't "w...

12th March 2009

Weight Loss - Not by Magic But With Efforts

Loosing weight is catching up as an integral part of one's health and fitness routine due to increased obesity and weight gain syndrome in metros and urban establishments. Opposite of popular believe that is generally considered weight loss does not requi...

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