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15th June 2011

Learn How to Successfully Eliminate Dry Skin Through the Use of the Following Treatments

Many individuals need to take care of dry skin on a year round basis. This skin condition can vary from being simply bothersome to a serious disorder that can result in the disconfiguration of the skin. Normally this skin condition will produce symptoms r...

15th February 2011

The Skills for the IT Men to Improve the Skin

It is known to all that different people have different kinds of skin. For example, some people have oily skin and some people have normal skin. Different kinds of skin have different features. The oily skin is characterized by the ingress of oil, the bla...

15th February 2011

The Skills for Men to Improve the Neutral Skin

Generally speaking, the neutral skin is characterized by the smoothness, moderate secretion of sebum and resistance to the stimulations. Its PH value is moderate within 5 to 5.6. Nowadays, the skin can be hurt by various elements, such as environmental po...

15th February 2010

Top ten tips in applying Fake Tan

Despite the risks with over exposure from the sun, many still care that a tan looks nicer on the impression. It normalises the makeup of the face, makes arms and legs look thinner and longer, and makes dress colours look preferable. You also potentiality ...

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