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01st June 2011

Kids Parties: The Sleepover

As birthday party venues go, you may not feel that your living room qualifies. However, sleepovers are kids parties favourites so don't discount it out of hand. Like everything, it is easy with the right advance planning. Find out whether your child wa...

17th February 2011

Children’s Duvets – Duvet Covers for Every Child

By Paga in Family
A stunning variety of covers for children’s duvets are available for parents who want to add color and interest to their children’s bedrooms. Duvet covers come in all colors, sizes, and themes. Solid colored duvet covers can complement the color scheme ...

31st March 2010

How to wash bed sheets, duvets and towels

If you can wash duvets, bedding and towels in your washing machine you'll make life a lot easier for yourself, eliminating costly and time consuming trips to the laundrette. To wash bulky items such as duvets effectively you will need to invest in a larg...

08th February 2010

Is a Hypoallergenic Duvet the Best Choice of First Cot Bed Duvet for my Toddler?

It can be far more difficult choosing a first duvet for your child, than choosing a duvet for yourself. The first decision you need to make is what type of filling would be the best for your child. Natural feather and down cot bed duvets, whilst naturally...

25th January 2010

Choosing The Best Duvet Sets

Choosing the best duvet sets for a room is much easier than in the past. The advances made in thread counts and dyeing techniques have resulted in an ability for a person to create a stunning theme in a room using a colorful duvet set. Deciding on the ...

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