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03rd May 2011

Connecting Conference Call Attendees from Multiple International Locations

With a domestic teleconference, you simply tell participants the phone number, access code, and time and everything falls into place. With an international conference call, you could have dozens of separate phone numbers, multiple time zones, ...

13th April 2011

Fast and Secure Networks to Benefit Your Company

The modern age is a world whereby nearly every Western business depends on information and communication technology. Computers control or assist in almost every aspect of modern business from manufacturing to communication to administration. A breakdown o...

25th February 2011

Polycom Video Conferencing Tips for Organizing an Online Video Conference

Video conferencing is the modern method in employed in business communications. It is a much more efficient way to communicate with your business partners and employees in regional offices, in another State or country. With video conferencing you can now ...

27th July 2009

Virtual Office Small Business Phone Service

Telecommunication has become an easy but expensive means of business communication. Virtual office phone service for small business is an affordable option compared to traditional premise based phone systems. Efficient Management of Inbound and Outboun...

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