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28th June 2011

How to find Canon Gl2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder For Cheap

High definition video hits the home consumer market with the Canon gl2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder. That's right, the power of Canon and digital media is now easily accessible to anyone that wants higher quality video production with ease. There have been m...

23rd March 2011

Charlie Sheen strikes back!

Charlie Sheen reacts after being fired from Two and a Half Men Charlie Sheen is on fire as he blasted on his ex producers of ‘Two & a half Men’ as had suddenly decided to terminate the bad boy of Hollywood on Monday noon. The star said that he was very ...

23rd February 2011

Dancing on Ice couple already spilling beans to celebrity news magazines

Things move quickly in the celebrity gossip world these days. It seems one week the latest star couple’s relationship is a closely-guarded secret, the next they can’t wait to tell the world about their undying love for each other. The latest famous pair t...

14th February 2011

Top Rated Cartoon Characters - Charizard & Pikachu

If you were brought up in the 1990's then you have definitely heard of pokemon.The super famous cartoon and game that several little youngsters loved. The influence is so good that even youngsters in 2011 enjoy the successful television series. There are ...

26th January 2011

Celebrity news: Twitter ‘fails’ of 2010

It isn’t unusual nowadays for the stars to end up in the celebrity gossip pages having overshared a little too much online – and this is something that is becoming even more frequent thanks to the Twitter micro-blogging site Twitter. One of...

25th October 2010

Absolutely Incredible Bissell 5770 Sucks for that Price

A few months ago I visited a friend’s household and she was bragging about how excellent her new Bissell 5770 vacuum cleaner was. As a stay at property I fully grasp the importance of a excellent vacuum cleaner so I wanted to have a look at it myself. Her...

22nd February 2010

Gary Allan Songs

If you're into country music, you've likely heard of Gary Allan. Gary Allen is a country music star with 3 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list, along with 8 other Top 10 hits on the same country music list. This country singer, who was born in...

14th January 2010

Snowboard Helmets

There are many equipment of snowboarding safety, while snowboard helmets are the most important one. You should prepare all of precautions that you possibly if you like to perform various tricks in the snowboarding that will be dangerous. The type of snow...

11th September 2009

The appeal of a bad boy

So what is it about the 'bad boy' that attracts women so strongly to them? In case you did not know, a healthy traditionally raised woman would run as far away as she can from a bad boy because she knows that he will bring too much drama, pain and hur...

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