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23rd May 2011

Which Are The Top 5 Greenest Cities In United States?

The EPA has no official ranking system in place for determining how green any city is. But a general consensus has made it clear that there are certain attributes that must be present in order for a city to be considered " green". These include designate...

07th April 2011

Hour Of Change

You might have noticed that the last few blog weeks have been utilized in trying to highlight the importance of energy conservation. Let it be said that there is no coincidence at work in Earth Hour being around the corner and Jaago Re deciding to open yo...

18th February 2011

Solar Panels - Points to Consider When Purchasing

Nowadays, people are looking for more and more ways to reduce energy costs. One method, most of us use, is to reduce household electricity consumption, however, this can sometimes be very difficult. So what can we do to conserve electricity? A realistic o...

02nd November 2010

Save Electricity From Appliances And Outdated Light Bulbs

A lot of people are not aware that every time electricity is being saved, we somehow help contribute by saving our planet from pollution. Electric companies and other electricity suppliers supply electricity for their consumer by processing or generating ...

24th June 2010

The Best Way To Conserve Electric Power In Your Household

Many of us are searching for different electric power sources these days because the expense of electrical energy continues to increase. When people talk about electrical power bills the expression "steep" always pops up! However the hunt for alternati...

26th April 2010

Do Your Bit for the Environment – Conserve Electricity and Save Energy

Technological progress has resulted in the development of various gadgets that have made it possible for us to make use of a number of conveniences. However, there has been a price to pay as electricity consumption has gone through the roof. In fact, t...

06th January 2010

Turning Business Electricity into Thermal Pleasure'

Even in hard times, this is the stage of the year when retailers literally throw caution to the wind, no matter how Arctic it is, opening their doors - wide open in most cases - and crank up the heating. Throw extra lights into the equation and extended o...

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