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25th July 2011

Stainless steel Sculptures.

Stainless steel is a very versatile material and has many uses including pipe-work, tanks, ornamental staircases and balustrades. Stainless steel is also commonly used for sculptures and works of art that can take pride of place in interior or exterior en...

08th January 2010

Mini Excavator

Drains and pipes of all types generally get blocked at some point. They also get worse over time and need maintenance ultimately. Any industry that waits until this happens is not staying ahead of the game, and is therefore not keeping a watch on effici...

22nd September 2009

A Home heating solution that is good to your wallet and the environment!

As fuel costs rise, the economic slump continues and the plight of global warming lies heavily on our conscience a shining star has just arrived to provide the way forward. The air source heat pump system could be one way to help both your wallet and the...

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