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13th December 2010

Astro Meteorology affected by Climate Change

Successive draughts, intense cold climate and floods have ravaged Bolivia. Let us hope that Kerala will not go the way of Bolivia ! That Bolivia is going towards a major Food Crisis has been highlighted by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of UN...

07th July 2010

Water Conservation Technologies

Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation Technologies are the solution to the water problem. By 2013, 32 nations will be facing acute water shortage. Water conservation is extremely important and the above mentioned are water conservation technologies....

03rd June 2010

Rainfall Cycles

Saturn in Virgo has created a draught like situation, even in water rich Kerala. Green Kerala is beautiful because of the heavy rainfalls and looks gorgeous in June/July, when the Rain gods favour her. It has not rained for the last two days. Rains ar...

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