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22nd March 2012

Reasons That People Want Cosmetic Surgery

Is inside or outside beauty more vital to you? Plenty of people would answer just be yourself.But, if you ask the question to the same people in private, you might not get the same answer to your question. More and more people are getting cosmetic surgeri...

14th June 2011

weighty matters

WEIGHTY MATTERS Why did you just sigh? Why is it that anything with the word weight in it causes a sigh? Donít you just hate it when those skinny bitches, who have 500 grams to loose, hear that word and sigh? Donít you just hate it when skinny bitches ...

15th April 2011

Get Rid Your Cellulite Faster in a Natural Method

Cellulite is an unsightly pores and skin situation that happens in most women. Mainly, it is the fatty matter that makes your physique seem ailing-toned and out of shape. Cellulite makes your thighs and buttocks look unusually large. The development of c...

23rd March 2011

Spectacular Way to lose Weight-Fast and Easy weight Loss

By Mj Dee in Diet
A lot of people today are weight conscious; they are now realizing that obesity has heightened among men and women. This may be due to unhealthy lifestyle, instead of choosing, picking and eating healthy foods, people now are resorting to eat fast foods. ...

08th February 2011

Acid Reflux Treatment

Does that cup of morning coffee cause you pain and suffering? Are you frustrated when an evening dinner out with friends ends in discomfort instead of relaxed conversation? Do you carry and take antacids every day? Heartburn is a lot more than a mere ...

06th December 2010

Two Awesome Tips To Lose Weight

By Lori in Diet
Decreasing weight is less complicated having excellent advice. Weight loss advice is located everywhere. But, people's best weight loss tips must be straightforward so people can follow that advice. A magnificent weight loss recommendation consists of ...

02nd December 2010

Remove Body Weight Looking At Food Labels

By Lori in Diet
There consist of numerous ways to choose food products. Quite a few individuals simply choose whatever food items catch their eye. Other individuals will spend additional time understanding a product's label. In order to decrease extra weight, dieters may...

19th November 2010

Is Weight Loss a Mind Game?

What if being overweight was an infectious disease? There would have been a state of emergency in the US! Isnít that scary considering the vast population of obese people in the country? The major factors contributing to this problem are eating habits and...

10th November 2010

Lose Weight To Lower Probability For Medical Problems

By Lori in Diet
There consist of lots of reasons people need to lose weight in society today. Nonetheless, folks can discover bad and good ways to lose unneeded pounds. Decisions people make results in looking after his or her body. For instance, overweight or obese indi...

21st December 2009

Weight Loss Secrets: The Real Secret To Lose Weight and Make It Last

Do you really want to lose weight? It's a serious problem. 32% of the U.S. adult population is considered obese. Obesity leads to shorter lifespan, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and depression. But even if you are not obese, it seems like just about...

14th December 2009

Weight Loss Tips Why Diets Fail

Most of us probably have enough fast weight loss tips to fill an encyclopedia, and also know which foods make us fat and which make us healthy. It isn't knowledge we are short of: the fact is that we tend to focus on the symptoms of the problem instead of...

23rd November 2009

What Causes Infertility? What Can I Do to Change it?

What Causes Infertility? Eating Disorders A history of having eating disorders has been associated with infertility. Also, being overweight can negatively affect ovarian function. Being too skinny can cause a lack of estrogen, which can cause you to be...

18th August 2009

Keeping a Fat Loss Journal

Are you the kind of person who likes to keep a record of everything you do? Do you enjoy writing in your diary or journal about your experiences in life? Do you want to keep track of your weight loss activities and see if they really work or not? Having y...

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