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24th May 2011

Get The Body You Dream Of Without Working Out With Smartlipo By Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi

Dr Ayham AL-Ayoubi at London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, 1 Harley Street, is well known for introduction of latest TriplexSmart Lipo fat reduction that is also known as laser-liposuction.Known as the 'King of Smartlipo' Dr Ayoubi is the leading Smartlip...

08th April 2011

How To Choose The Best VASER Liposuction Clinic

VASER Liposuction uses ultrasound technology to generate heat and movement to remove the unwanted fat from your body. VASER Liposuction has recently become popular among people all over the world as an effective and mild way to remove the unwanted fat fro...

28th March 2011

Many kinds of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances which can be injected into the skin to replace volume. The ageing process leads to loss of volume in the lower face and cheeks, formation of wrinkles and loss of lip volume. Dermal fillers can address all these issues. There ...

22nd December 2009

Find Information About Hair Transplantation Procedures!

Today, an increasing number of people are experiencing hair loss problems. There are various causes for this condition. This kind of condition may result due to heredity problem or being malnourished. Whatever the condition might be - it can be corrected ...

30th June 2009

Next Generation Cosmetic Surgery.

Next Generation Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery has built a reputation of being very expensive, very painful and very dangerous. However, this isn't always the case. Next generation Cosmetic is here and can make the difference to you in many ways.Fi...

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