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14th April 2011

How Can Stretch Mark Cream Help Me

Women who are at risk, especially those who are very conscious about their physical appearance fear of having stretch marks. Technology and advancement in medical equipment offer people different options and strategies in treating them. But still, those t...

24th February 2011

Dermalogica Skin Care Products Review

Dermalogica was formed in 1986 by a skin therapist named Jane Wurwand. She realized that there was no skin care regimen available that treated skin care health, instead of skin care beauty. Her mission was to educate skin care therapists so that they woul...

21st January 2011

The Advantages of Coconut Oil

There are many natural and organic substances that are used in health and beauty products and treatments. While essential oils such as chamomile or lanolin have properties that can improve your appearance, there is little that can compare to pure virgin ...

15th December 2009

Face Cream

Face Cream contains targeted botanical ingredients specifically formulated to counter advanced skincare concerns. Face creams should contain emollients such as jojoba and lanolin, which moisturize the skin. A face cream might also contain anti-irritants...

25th March 2009

Low Down on Skin Care Product Labeling

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration do not define the term natural or organic. In fact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration department (FDA) does not approve cosmetics before going to the market. The responsibility of the safety of the cosmetic lies wi...

13th March 2009

Where to Buy Dermalogica Products Online

As more and more information comes out about aging, skin cancer, and skin conditions, more and more products are introduced into the beauty and skin care markets. There are products for sensitive skin, for oily skin, for acne, and for sensitive and oily s...

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