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02nd March 2011

Disability Tax Credit For De Vivo Disease

In people with De Vivo disease their brains do not receive the right amount of the molecule called GLUT1 or Glucose transporter type 1. The GLUT1 ensures that the human brain gets the right and enough amount of glucose needed for its function. The lack of...

10th February 2011

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Conservation

Federal tax credit for energy conservation can be availed if you purchase any energy efficient product or a renewable energy source system for your home. Though energy star qualifies many products as energy efficient, it should be noted that not all produ...

25th November 2010

Divorce and Taxes - Which Support Is Deductible?

For many people child and spousal support obligations are their biggest monthly expense. Considering the amount you may be paying, it is natural to seek a tax deduction for the expense, for the savings will come from your highest marginal rate (e.g., if ...

02nd June 2010

2010 Payroll Software- How Do Employers Qualify for a Tax Exemption

Washington has recently enacted the HIRE Act (Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment). This new law includes two tax incentives for employers to hire workers who were previously unemployed or only working part time. The tax benefits apply to workers hire...

18th February 2010

Save tax, make money

Everybody likes to make money. And what could be a better way than making it through savings. The Income Tax Act allows every individual to save his had-earned money while filing his income tax return under section 80. There are various ways to save you'r...

21st December 2009

Using the debt help IRS Tax benefit

Many people are feeling extreme pressure from debt, which is affecting their lives. The condition has jeopardized millions of common citizens in the nation, and they are unable to make any further progress without debt help. The pressure of debt has put t...

02nd December 2009

Tips by Manhattan CPA to Save Tax

Tax filing and preparation is not an easy business, but it needs profession services of a tax accountant or a CPA. From financial planning to money management tips and money issues, it is essential to plan your income tax filing in advance. So the end of ...

27th November 2009

China Issues New Directives over Offshore Beneficial Ownership

The State Administration of Tax has issued new guidelines on the determination of the "beneficial owner" during the application of double tax treaties with China. According to Circular Guoshuifan (2009) 601, effective from October 27, 2009, any applica...

20th July 2009

Tax Tip: Five Tax Facts about Summertime Child Care Expenses

By kinal in Taxes
Summertime Tax Tip 2009-03 Many parents who work or are looking for work must arrange for care of their children under 13 years of age during the school vacation. Here are five facts the IRS wants you to know about a tax credit available for child ca...

19th July 2009

Tax Benefits for Job Seekers

By kinal in Taxes
IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2009-01 Tax Tip: Many taxpayers spend time during the summer months polishing their résumé and attending career fairs. If you are searching for a job this summer, you may be able to deduct some of your expenses on your tax r...

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