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19th August 2011

Art Insurance

Protect those prized paintings with a policy from experts in Art Insurance Ask leading insurance brokers to tailor a bespoke Art Insurance policy that offers comprehensive cover on your collection of fine art. A Fine Art Insurance policy ensures your ...

06th December 2010

HMRC 'accept very few excuses for late tax filing'

Most consumers who are eligible to calculate their own tax do so carefully and diligently, taking advantage of an income tax calculator or another type of tax calculator to check they have not over or underestimated the amount they owe. However, someti...

17th August 2010

Just in Case by Kathy Harrison

This book is subtitled: How to Be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens, and that's the best description for it. The author is a dedicated do it yourselfer and be prepared type of person. This book contains a tremendous amount of useful advice. S...

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