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12th October 2011

When Divorce Hurts Too Long

This text is concerning a survivor of Post Marital Stress (PMS) disorder who created a replacement which means for the famous PMS acronym. This was accomplished many years ago when she was trying to humorously describe the emotions she was longing when he...

20th December 2010

Hundreds Die Annually In Human Stampedes

Twenty nine human stampedes have killed approximately 3330 people and injured thousands of others since April 2001. Human stampedes occur more often than most people realize. The victims are usually killed from compressive asphyxiation (crowd crush), c...

13th October 2010

Effects Of Watching Reality Shows On TV

One can observe that the viewer ship to many of the TV reality shows runs into millions all over the world for programs like Big Brother, Survivor, Top Chef, The Amazing Race and The bachelor. There is nothing more valuable than these reality programs on ...

14th May 2010

Not Lost Forever on Dish Network

Tonight ABC hit show 20/20 will tell the story of Carmina Salcido and her horrific childhood. Carmina was three years old when her life changed forever, her father Ramon Salcido a vineyard worker who often came home drunk and would take out his frustrati...

12th February 2010

Sad Love Poem

You don't want to miss any opportunity of being too sad and depressed to miss out on a relationship that may be even better than the one you just had? I know there are many qualities about you right now that are very lovable. You are still a beautiful, un...

07th December 2009

Secret Wars - The Original Reality Comic

What would happen if you put a bunch of superheroes in a home and forced them to live together? Better yet, what would happen if you did the same with a bunch of supervillains? As the line goes, what happens when masks stopping being nice and start bein...

28th October 2009

A big part of Mark Burnett's secrets of success

Without a doubt, the King of Reality TV is Mark Burnett. From Survivor to the Apprentice to the Contender, Mark Burnett has been the man behind some of the most successful shows in history. But how did he do it? How did this former British Paratrooper bec...

03rd August 2009

Reality TV Shows- Better Option Than Any Other Show

Reality TV Shows generally portrays a customized and highly influenced form of reality which makes use of loud and attention-grabbing doings of the contestants to attract viewers. Many times the contestants are placed in unusual position and out of ord...

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