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27th January 2011

Art Work for Exchange for Living Acclimation

I know this may seem out of reasoning, why would a person ask for art for exchange for a better life for him/herself? Why not, I love thinking crazy things. Would I expect it to work out? Not exactly, but with my weird and crazy ideas, I go for it any way...

03rd November 2010

Key Features Of The LG 42LX6900

After HD, 3D TV will be the next new buzz in TV entertainment. Makers are already marketing a variety of advertisements for the arrival of 3D Television sets at several technology trade shows around the globe. Their goal: the complete launch of 3D TV by t...

19th November 2009

Robots Featured In Film and Television

Since 1939 the film industry has been overwhelmed in creating virtual personalities in the big screen. Over a hundred robots have been given distinct and unique personalities. Rol oh was the very first robot to be introduced in a movie fair, it was the mo...

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