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22nd December 2011

Nourishing Your Inner Caveman Isn't That Hard!

Tips To Help Nourish Your Inner Caveman When you begin this new way of eating, you may try hard but end up slipping up, either because of time or misconceptions. Below are several meal-planning tips to help you start nourishing your inner caveman prope...

01st March 2011

Diet Plans And Menus - The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet, also known as the Protal Diet, was created by the French medical Doctor Pierre Dukan. This is a four-step diet based on natural proteins. The first phase involves a drastic change in nutrition. You'll eat few calories and will start to los...

05th January 2011

Holiday Party Ideas For Your Holiday Party

'Tis the season and the countdown has begun for corporate as well as private holiday parties. What I thought I would do is share some holiday party ideas that can be used for both a private as well as a corporate holiday party that you may be throwing ...

12th November 2009

Raw foods to consider when doing your detox diet

If you are serious about your diet and really want to slim down the natural way, detox diet is your next step to a cleaner, healthier, better-looking you. Now, just because we say detox diet doesn't mean that you are actually going to starve yourself to d...

26th June 2009

Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

These cookies are very good and tasty, once you eat some you will keep coming back for more and more. They are good for parties, gifts, birthdays and much more. Try making your own and your friends and family will always remember who made thes...

09th April 2009

Toddler Lunch Ideas

By mark in Family
There seem to be two kinds of kids in this world: the picky eaters and the eat-anythings. This page has a lot of ideas for you, though you will want to adapt them to meet your child's needs. Other parents are going through the same dilemma with the...

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