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01st April 2011

Mobile Phone Jammers For Safety

There are so many places where our mobile signals are not there. The Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi signals of our mobiles and the laptops are also gone away. At those places the phone jammers are there which mainly placed to block the calls. These types of ...

31st March 2011

The Downfall of the Justice System

There is a pervasive question lingering in the minds of many people today. It is the question of how we can reduce the ever increasing levels of crime and violence that plague our society. The usual answer to this question which is given by politicians a...

19th April 2010

The Silence Of The Lambs - A Psychological Thriller

One of the best psychological thriller movies of all time would be The Silence of the Lambs. It is full of compelling drama and suspense that keeps viewers glued to the screen from the very beginning. Based on the book by Thomas Harris it was brought to l...

22nd September 2009

Prison reform and recidivism

Our prisons are broken. Does anybody really doubt that? Two-thirds of felons return to jail within three years of release. We lock people up at a faster rate than any other developed country, and yet it doesn't result in lower crime rates than those other...

29th August 2009

Barack Obama Destroys the Great Lakes

Why is it so easy to find fault in others but so impossible to see it in ourselves? Jesus Christ the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Christianity and Islam, said, "Judge not lest you be judged by the same standards by which you judge others." Michael...

05th May 2009

Politics on Kandahar

It is very unfortunate that we are raising again the issue like Kandahar in 15th Loksabha election 2009. Go back at that time on 24 December 1999, more than 150 people are being held hostage by Pakistani Militants. The hijackers demanded the release of 36...

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