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07th March 2011

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo Review, Specifications and Features

Sony Ericsson at MWC 2011 has unveiled their next XPERIA Android smartphone, namely XPERIA Neo. The SE XPERIA Neo is candy bar smartphones with a glossy finish and beautiful, curving lines and ergonomically to fit perfectly in yours hand. Sony Ericsson XP...

08th December 2010

Recycled Plastics - Risky For The Surroundings And Your Health

Inquiries about the setting weigh heavily on people's minds these days. Experiences of new disasters flood the airwaves. This yr the United States had been thrashed by a report 905 tornadoes by May possibly eleven, 2008. Statistics reveal the US averaged ...

14th July 2010

Green Mobiles Will They Catch On?

Will green mobile phones truly catch on? Will greener manufacturing processes develop so that every mobile phone is made from recycled materials or plastic bags? Or is it just a well oiled fad in the history of mobile phone design. I believe we are...

14th July 2010

To Have Or Not To Have…A Green Mobile… That Is The Question?

The problem with recycled plastics in green mobile phones is the word ‘recycled'. When I think of recycled, I can't help but think of other words - less than, not quite as good as a normal mobile phone; not getting quality for my money? This is far fr...

14th July 2010

How Does A Green Mobile Phone Make Me Eco Friendly?

Mobile phones are wonderful, they hold all your friends telephone numbers and details; you can order up a Pizza, use them as a map finder and browse the world around us. They have become an essential must have tool in the modern world. But there are som...

08th December 2009

The EcoFly Portable Display System – the most environmentally friendly hybrid system

Denver, CO - December 2, 2009 - Hybrid portable display systems are ideal for companies seeking a semi modular display that is light and inexpensive to ship. Our Alumalite hybrid display system has been out for a few years and has served thousands of our ...

11th November 2009

Make your hair rich and lustrous with pureology hair care

Pureology specializes in providing complete range of hair care products that really cares for your hair. Using fine quality conditioners, shampoos and hair products on your looks is of extreme important in order to exhibit glossy and healthy hair. Today i...

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