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29th September 2011

Embroidery position is also a way to gain an embroidery work

Cap embroidery machine is really of great use since the embroidery may well consist of a logo, which requires to be digitized and existing pattern or stock design or text alone. Text may well be supplementary to either stock designs or logos upon the cust...

02nd July 2010

Embroidery Digitizing - New Ways to Bring Designs to Life

Do you remember the time when your grandmother, or maybe even your mother, would sit for hours doing embroidery by hand? These projects would often take them through the long winter months and often beyond depending on what was being embroidered. Perhaps ...

02nd July 2010

Embroidery Digitizing Services - What They Can Do

Embroidery Digitizing Services make the lost art of embroidery come alive again with the invention of software that allows the digitizer to create patterns and designs and apply them to fabric. Using a computerized digital embroidery machine and the a...

08th June 2010

Applique Embroidery Designs

Talking about or describing, an appliqué embroidery design it is a smaller decoration piece or device applied on top of the surface or the fabric or one can say that an appliqué is a separate piece of terracotta added to the principal work, generally fo...

27th May 2010

Get fast and impeccable designs through embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is an art form that is continuously getting acceptance and appreciation in many sectors of manufacturing. Many companies and individuals go for this method for a more cost effective and time reduced embroidery work with results that ...

15th April 2010

Add Machine Embroidery Designs to your OutfitAdd Machine Embroidery Designs to your Outfit

In the world of fashion, one of the best ways to transform an outfit into something spectacular is by adding embroidery designs to it. While our grandmothers painstakingly applied each stitch by hand, we have the benefit of having the art of machine embro...

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