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11th October 2011

Something about the Laser Skin Resurfacing

Many in this country is blessed with the solar year. Unfortunately, the solar effects, together with the normal aging process and gain features such as acne scars take their toll our skin. Laser skin resurfacing, in contrast to surgical facelift, to impro...

05th January 2011

What Causes Brown Age Spots To Appear?

Age spots are tiny brown spots that appear on the superficial layers of the skin. This is a skin problem often experienced by old people with fair skin. According to dermatologists, you are more susceptible to the appearance of spots if you have naturally...

29th November 2010

Tummy Tuck for a Perfect Body Curvature

Ask women about their dream body shape, and they will surely say itís the hourglass body shape. Hourglass bodies have prominent bust and hips, with a slim waist measurement. Typically, an hourglass shape has body statistics of 36-26-36. Most women with Hi...

29th October 2010

Ease Soreness Faster with a Massage

Have you ever had a massage? Have you ever contemplated it? If you have had one, you'll know about all the benefits that come with it. If not, heres something you need to know. Massage is by no means anything new. It dates back to ancient cultures. Record...

07th December 2009

At Home Microdermabrasion Review: La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream

Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream (Intensive Resurfacing Treatment Face & Body) is a new release of La Prairie. The home microdermabrasion system comes along a full pack of spa treatment that covers both face and body protection and replenishes the skin vi...

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