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08th April 2011

How to Dehydrate Foods in a Solar Oven

Any solar oven can be converted into a dehydrator with the use of a solar oven dehydrator kit. Solar ovens cook the food rather than dry it because of the high temperatures that they reach. But a solar dehydrator kit controls the temperature of the oven i...

29th March 2011


By now you probably know that because of their unpredictable nature, earthquakes can happen anywhere at any time, so earthquake preparedness tips in Whittier could be the difference between getting through a quake relatively unscathed and losing everyth...

17th January 2011

Medic Pack (TMK-ME) - Product Review

The Chinook Tactical Medical Kit – Medic Pack (TMK-ME) is one of the popular tactical medical kits available at Chinook Medical Gear. This medium sized medical backpack can be used by rescue teams, combat lifesavers, and emergency medical service provider...

23rd April 2010

Canadian government donates school supplies

More than 320 rucksacks filled with all the necessary articles to begin the school year were delivered by the Honorary Councillor of Canada to the E-492 Libertad school in Hualpén. The rucksacks were donated by the Canadian government and were filled ...

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