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19th May 2011

Event photography- hire only the professionals

Events photography is an activity this is certainly the part and parcel associated with a corporate or social gathering. Finding a conference with out any photographers in existence is just a thing in close proximity to impossible. There are so many servi...

22nd February 2011

How to handle glass photos and animations?

In photography, one of the trickiest objects to photograph is glass. This is so because of its transparency and translucency. Transparent materials are clear and are see-through which allow light to pass through them while translucent materials also allow...

17th February 2011

Capture Beautiful Memories of your Family with Digital Photographer

Family is a close knitted group of persons connected to each other and sharing the twists and turns of life. During the ups and downs of life, it is true that only our family can give us the support to bounce back. The family photos where we have been t...

02nd September 2010

Itís not just the lights!

If you do a proper research for your lightings and set it according to the ambience you want for your picture it is not enough to get a proper frame. Also if you feel that getting a beautiful and perfect looking model can make your photography work wonder...

05th May 2010

Enjoying those Captured Moments

When we talk of photography, we often think of shots taken inside the studios with different lightings and backgrounds. A typical photographer, we might say. Photography involves arts and skills, beyond artificial lights. One of the most popular su...

12th March 2009

10 Best Ways to Shade a Picture

Lighting can be a very tricky trick to master. The shadows can be very tough to depict correctly. Cartoonists do not always draw the shadows super realistically but instead draw shapes that are meant to symbolize the shadows. These sharp shapes can be rea...

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