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09th July 2012

Could It All Be About Doing Something You Love?

By Jon in Family
Today is the first father’s day for me without my own father. I know that wherever my father is he knows he did the absolute best he could for his family, NO questions asked. When I was 5 years old and said I wanted to be a dentist….no questions asked. I ...

04th April 2011

The Technology Behind Compression Socks

If you are an avid sports fan, you have probably noticed that certain professional athletes wear certain accessories to enhance their performance. Did you know that compression socks are worn by most athletes? For those of you that do not know what comp...

20th January 2011

Benefits Of Using A Talent Agency As Local Talent

Looking for a talent agency can be a daunting task for local talent.Whether you are a struggling actor, potential athlete, or recording artist, a talent agency can help make you within the industry. A talent agency will provide local talent with relation...

20th December 2010

Best Xbox Kinect Games This Holiday Season

Christmas is near and everyone is preparing for the season where fun and joy is everywhere. This season is also a great time for Xbox as it unveils its latest game console, the Xbox Kinect. This article will be showing you some of the best games that can ...

30th September 2010

More Than a Video Game

In order for other industries to adapt to the prevailing gaming culture, the motives of gamers need to be understood in order to enhance the brand experience.The popularity of videogames could easily be attributed to the desire for a temporary escape from...

06th July 2010

The Basics of Portrait Photography

Circumstance picturing is one of the most profitable slipways to piss money with your digital camera. And in a suffering saving it is a invulnerable and unfluctuating way to channel in income. Why? Because you cannot put a terms on memories and groupin...

01st June 2010

Teaching Youngsters the Intuitive Way - Will President Obama Insist on It?

We are soon going to obtain a major overhaul for the American training system. President Obama's initiative of revamping the No Little one Left At the rear of act, will find all kinds of current educational institutions possibly altered or swept aside. Th...

25th May 2010

Now You Can Put in Contact Lenses Quickly and Easily

Today, about 26 million people in the United States alone wear contact lenses. There are many reasons to consider contacts. Maybe you're an athlete who doesn't want to struggle with glasses out on the field. Or maybe you just think you look better without...

11th May 2010

Bronze Sculpture For Sale

Bronze has nice value in the art world of sculptures. When setting in a mold, bronze will slightly expand and fill in the finest details. Many extraordinary bronze sculpture statues have been created throughout history; but because of the strength of bron...

21st April 2010

ATV Goggles

ATV goggles are the second most important piece of safety equipment you can have. They are designed to protect your eyes and the upper part of your face from anything that could damage you eyesight or obstruct your vision while you are riding your ATV. Th...

23rd February 2010

Dr Mel Siff Discusses Weightlifting Pulling Technique

Here is some discussion from the IWF list between Istvan Javorek and myself on the weightlifting pull: Mel Siff wrote: I have just completed several hours of normal and slow motion viewing of video tapes of several recent weightlifting championshi...

21st December 2009

Tips on Cold Reading

In regular theater an actor may prepare a monologue that he has spent many hours memorizing, for a part that he will also perform at every audition. He's spent a lot of time on this and has perfected his art and delivery. When going for an audition he is ...

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