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09th May 2011

Less Round Jaw with Botox

When you think of botox, usually things like Crow's Feet or worry lines are the first to come to mind. What about the word jaw? Does that ring a bell when you hear botox? A new use for Botox has been introduced to help with the appearance of one's ja...

28th March 2011

Film Production Chicago Style

Chicago is becoming one of the foremost capitols when it comes to film. There are a great deal of producers, directors and even actors pouring money into studios in this city so that they can have a place to film. One of the most popular types of film i...

28th March 2011

Checking Out Chicago Production Houses

There are many Chicago production houses that you can check out. These range from those who mostly deal with video to those that deal with full fledged productions. Green Screen Studio Chicago is one of the production houses that you can check out when ...

23rd March 2011

The Need for Digital Photographers

Today when digital cameras with a wide range of complexity, features and of course, price abound, why is there a necessity to get the services of a professional photographer? If you are a novice in photography, you just have to purchase one of those point...

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