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31st March 2011

Your New Year’s Resolution: Track Finances and Pay Off Debt

Better budgeting contributed to Americans paying off nearly $1 trillion in debt over the past two years, according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. “This is good news for the nation’s long-term economy as it shows that Americ...

04th February 2011

House of Cards

Well, it appears that the economy is back on solid footing, the stock market is zooming ahead, sales at the stores are increasing and things are generally moving in the right direction, at least that’s what the financial “experts” would have you believe. ...

19th March 2009

A Lesson From Ben Bernanke

Since I don't know very much about economics I didn't expect the 60 Minutes story on FED head Ben Bernanke to increase my understanding of the stock market, the credit church or derivatives, but I was curious about how Mr. Bernanke would answer his Snell'...

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