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01st February 2011

What Mobile phone Locater Webpages Will Do For You

Many years ago, it was more difficult to name a caller with only a mystery phone number on your caller id or your mobile device. It would be impractical to find when using the white pages with there being millions of numbers to look into. So, whenever...

16th November 2010

Fly Guy Michael Ealy

The first time I really locked eyes with Michael Ealy was when he was cutting hair in that famed Barbershop (2002). He became my new thug crush. Larenz Tate from Menace (1993) was my first. Ive kept my eye on Michael since then, and I know most of you ...

08th March 2010

Celebrity News and Gossip provide opportunity to know more about the tinsel world.

Stories related to illicit relationship comprises an important part of latest celebrity news and gossip . A celebrity gossip lover feels extremely excited if any of their favorite stars get entangled in any such controversy. The more such controversies o...

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