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16th May 2011

Cleaning a Freestanding Ice Maker

Freestanding ice makers are specialty appliances which produce ice in large quantities. Household-sized freestanding ice makers produce 50 pounds of ice per day, ideal for large families, those who entertain frequently, and business offices. Commercial-si...

03rd March 2011

General Tips on Microphones

Did you realize that you don't have to go all the way to a fancy studio to do some recording of your material? Strides in audio technology have made it easy for any eager musician to access some of what's necessary for building a recording studio in your ...

12th January 2011

Tumble Dryer - Todays Indispensable Gadget

A tumble dryer has become an indispensable gadget in homes today. It has taken away the most exhausting chore from a householder's hands. The act of drying clothes always depends on the vagaries of the weather. A tumble dryer takes away this unpredictabil...

18th August 2010

Is Condenser Microphone Really Worth the Money

If you are usually engaged in any style of recording you perform by using a homemade recording environment, you probably recognize how central a respectable condenser microphone like the MXL 990 can be to all your projects. A substandard quality instrumen...

14th April 2010

Tumble Dryer Condensing Machines - What To Remember!

I do not enjoy doing the laundry and I have a feeling that you share my sentiments. Manual chores are never much fun, now that I think of it. Doing the laundry always ends up taking up many hours of your time during the week. I now have a tumble dryer to ...

12th April 2010

Choosing a 7kg tumble dryer?

7kg tumble dryers are a good choice for the smaller family. Their capacity ensures they are able to accommodate the entire wash load of a 5 or 6kg washing machine so you don't have to split your laundry. The capacity of 7kg tumble dryers is about 25-3...

22nd January 2010

Blue Snowball Microphones USB Condenser Mic

Would you like a bit of style to match your quality? In the world of usb microphones, you can achieve this very goal with the Blue Microphones USB Snowball Mic. At its face, it resembles a classic 1920's throwback, but with a sleek, perfect sphere to sh...

27th November 2009

Everything You Should Know About Electric Cooling Fans of Motor Vehicles

An electric cooling fan of a motor vehicle is made up of (1) the fan motor and (2) the circuit. The circuit consists of the fan switch and the relay. The function of the switch is to send power to the relay and to sense the internal temperature of the eng...

30th June 2009

The distillation process of liquors and spirits

The production of spirits and liquors is an important part of the industrial system of our country. Although we need to make a clear distinction between these two kind of beverages. Spirits and liquors are both high alcohol degree beverages, produce...

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