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22nd November 2010

Finding her calling in painting pets

Thanks to the extraordinary talent of a female artist, many beloved pets will be immortalized. A cat, dog, pony or even white rat will be the apple of its master's eye and she acknowledges that. Before the animal pets can have their images plastered on th...

10th August 2010

Shopping For Coffin Discounts At An Online Casket Store

Derek Ashland is a veteran funeral director who loves blogging about his work at the Casket Store. For more details about Funeral Coffin, Pet Urns and Pet Caskets please visit most difficult thing to experience is when some...

09th July 2010

Discount Pet Urns For Every Budget - A Perfect Way To Keep Your Beloved Pet Alive Forever

You love your pet, regardless of the species, you find their company and friendship enduring. Friends may come and go in your life, but if you have a pet, their love is unconditional. It is very sad as they reach their senior years because you know it is ...

22nd June 2010

Different Photography Services

Family photographers offer many different photography services for those who want to keep a pictorial record of their lives and those of their children. There are many times such as Christmas or birthdays when you may want to have a family portrait taken....

11th February 2010

Paintings of your pets in pastels only can reflect that warm relation

We are all aware that no matter how many people we might be calling our friends and no matter how many people we might be having in our relation; the affection, that warmth, that commitment that we can have from our pets no matter what kind of species the...

31st July 2009

Do Canines Own Us or Do We Rule Them?

Dogs are some of the most beloved pets ever welcomed in the human home. They gaze at their owners with those big doggy orbs, doze at your feet, welcome you when you arrive home, wriggling madly as if you were a lord, and humbly chow down whatever wholesal...

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