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21st April 2011

Good Reasons To Consider Residential Solar Panels

When it comes to looking at a budget it's hard to miss the fact that countless dollars are spent on energy each and every month. This money adds up quickly and very rarely can an effect be seen with the efforts of unplugging appliances, turning lights and...

07th April 2011

Hour Of Change

You might have noticed that the last few blog weeks have been utilized in trying to highlight the importance of energy conservation. Let it be said that there is no coincidence at work in Earth Hour being around the corner and Jaago Re deciding to open yo...

17th March 2011

How Photovoltaic Solar Cells Cut Out The Middlemen

Most people don't realize it, but in reality, everything on the planet is actually solar-powered – from "infernal" combustion engines to your own body. The problem is, for most of history that energy has had to go through virtual "middlemen," with co...

12th January 2011

Using Clean Energy To Save The Environment

We have been hearing a lot about the damages caused to our environment by our modern lifestyle. It is high time that we changed our life style that is making this planet an unsafe place for the future generations. When we say ‘future generations’ it does ...

06th January 2010

Solar Energy Future Lies With Polymer Solar Cells

If you are new to researching green energies you are going to be surprised at the variety of options available. While you will find a lot of information and products using traditional solar cells, polymer solar cells are the latest in solar energy technol...

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