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09th October 2012


The initial step of the road to wellness is to grant your body a break from everything toxic; this includes processed foods, food addictive's, stimulants, stress, negative folks, radiated foods, chemicals and other environmental toxins. The next step is ...

06th December 2011

Avoid Scams When Buying Discount Cosmetics

Discount cosmetics are easily available online, but the important thing to know is how to distinguish between a scam and the real product. If a designer product is available at half-off, you should look closely. Not all discounts are scams, but itís impor...

15th July 2011

Picking The Proper Hair Dye For You

One of the cheapest and quickest ways to update your appearance is by coloring your hair with hair dye. Hair dye is easy to use, is available in thousands of different shades and may be purchased almost wherever. Hair dye today is not as harmful for you...

21st June 2011

Make Hair Grow Faster16Strategies

Take far more of this vitamin from green leafy veggies and plant-based mostly oil.To expand prolonged hair is not just your dream simply because there are some millions other people who share the exact same dream of escalating their hair quickly and easy ...

06th May 2011

Enhance your Beauty with Ultimate Services of Hair Salons

Hair color gives an innovative look to your whole personality. But for hair colors one must go for the certified salons. Hair color ingredients are also considerable to color your hair. The conventional hair dyes contains ammonia that adversely affect the...

21st February 2011

Looking good.... naturally

By DJSW in Beauty
With the environmental agenda sweeping the nation it seems there is a lot of pressure on members of the public to consider the ecological effects of their purchases. This has had an effect on our transport options, our choices of diet and also on beauty ...

18th February 2011

Solicitors Can Obtain Compensation For Hair Dye Injuries

A high proportion of British women use hair dye on a regular basis to eliminate grey hairs or to achieve and maintain a new look. Few however are prepared for the disastrous consequences that chemical-based hair dyes can cause. It is estimated that around...

12th November 2010

Hairdressing Essential Tools And Equipment

Hairdressing by definition is the styling of ones hair employing various techniques including hair cutting, hair colouring, styling and various hair treatment options. This is usually executed by qualified and professionally trained people in the art of s...

15th April 2010

A Short History of Cosmetology

People have been using cosmetics to improve their appearance since the last several thousand years. It is also used to mimic animals or look scary for festivals. The history of cosmetology is much older than civilization. The ancient nomads made pastes of...

26th January 2010

Do You Truly Need Loreal Hair Dye?

Sometimes dying your hair can turn out quite expensive especially if you turn to a professional stylist or if you choose a hair color product that is very expensive. But since age follows its own course, so do women's efforts increase when trying to cover...

16th September 2009

Choosing the correct hair color tone

Hair tone is still another really significant matter to looking lovely. Before, you are more or less stuck with the hair tone nature has given you. These existing times though have substantially altered that fact and made everything much humor. Hair dyes ...

20th May 2009

How To Get Beautiful Organic Hair Colouring For Your Hair

Organic Hair Colouring More and more people are integrating organic products into their lives. Not only are organic products less harsh to the environment, they are especially beneficial to our health. Many people decide to colour their hair, whethe...

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