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06th February 2012

Chinese New Year To Have Community With Specular

Chinese New Year is a most significant and traditional holidays that is celebrated during January and February month. It has totally depended on lunar year and starts on replacement of new moon and lasts on fifteenth day with the lantern festival. It is a...

15th February 2011

My Advices of Solving Transport during the Spring Festival

As an common people who often experience the transport during the Spring Festival like me, must has been depressed and troubled by the difficulties in the transport during the Spring Festival. Last time when i was on train, i came up with a good idea of s...

07th February 2011

Joy of Chinese New Year around the Globe

The date of Chinese New Year differs from one year to another. Generally, it is celebrated between Spring Festival and Chinese Lantern Festival. It is celebrated all over the world with equal enthusiasm, more prominently in those cities, towns, and villag...

11th December 2010

Festival on the quality of LCD TV Dispute: IPS hard edge screen display - LCD TV, appliance sales -

Certainly, the most enjoyable events are the ones that are themed well. To spice up any event and improve your experience of the day, party themes play a vital role. From water parks to roller coaster venues and all such family theme parks are actual idea...

08th November 2010

Have you made Plans for Celebrating New Years Eve and Chinese New Year

India is a country of rich cultural with different color, religions, languages and castes. Various regions follow various cultures and so the New Year traditions also vary. Every Indian state has its personal history after the new year celebrations. Every...

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