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05th October 2011

Current Affairs of the World

Current affairs are not merely the occurrence of events or incidents, but the study, analysis and then the representation of the affairs in front of the general mass. They reach us through various mediums like newspapers, radio, magazines, television, int...

09th May 2011

Indian handicrafts: Creativity at its best

Indian handicrafts: Creativity at its best In today's topical era of 4G where transfer of information including data, pictures, texts etc are done at excellent speed. Each one of us is competing in the rat race. In such hustle bustle, subtleness and ca...

28th March 2011

Make Your Choice To Support Agape Children Rise: A Non Profit Organization Canada

There are so many non profit organizations in Canada to support, you want to make sure you choose one that will use your contributions wisely, and for worthwhile endeavours. Agape Children Rise, a non profit organization in Canada, was established to prot...

09th March 2011

Traditional Newspaper- Still the Best Medium of Fulfilling Your Area Specific News Requirements

We all are very well aware of the growing importance of internet medium in our life for our various purposes. Internet has become such a platform, the importance of which cannot be denied by any possibility. This medium has definitely made working of both...

05th January 2011

Mario Beauty Supply

The name ‘Mario’ is very popular on the internet today. It’s a great name you’ll always discover in various sphere of endeavors on the World Wide Web. When it comes to the beauty arena, we have the Mario beauty supply outfit which is well known for the di...

27th October 2010

The Broadband Revolution and its entry into businesses and households

The Internet has made communication quicker and more efficient while making the world function like a close knit family. With the availability and cost effective factor of broadband, people can now operate business at a global level and that too operate 2...

15th February 2010

Local businesses could have global edge

One of the soundest principles that drive successful businesses today is the ability to market products and services as widely as possible. It may start off small, but then it transforms into something enormous. Once you establish yourself in a given nic...

15th February 2010

Video Conferencing in the key for Global Business

In today's fast paced world when there are no geographic, demographic and communal boundaries, there is a need for a system which brings the world together at a common platform for communication to take place at the global level. One such system is video ...

09th December 2009


It is our moral responsibility to consider the impact of real estate and infrastructure developments on climate change and environment and accordingly use the concept of 'eco-efficiency' to mitigate the adverse effects, Neha Bhatia According to the Sus...

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