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06th January 2011

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Motivational Speaker

One of the central objectives when a company or business decides to hire a professional speaker is to reinvigorate the team and install a new found verve and energy. Quite frequently, you will find that a team or group will develop a resigned demeanour or...

02nd September 2010

Campaign Group urges support for President Jonathan

The chairman of Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT), has made a clarion call to Nigerians to support the aspiration of the incumbent President Jonathan towards next year’s general elections. Mr. Peter Eledan, who is also the vice chairman o...

15th July 2010

Still-Life - The Work of Fine Art

One of the most excellent ways to familiarize oneself to the potential of oil painting is to paint a sequence of still-life paintings. An variety of fundamental shapes and objects gathered from your environments can not only be a appealing subject as a fo...

05th January 2010

Finding The Perfect Fundraising Idea For Schools, Churches, and Organizations

Fundraisers for schools and churches are commonplace. You will see them being conducted for charities and similar good causes. Clubs and organizations will do various projects to help raise money for their favorite cause, or to simply help fill their coff...

21st December 2009

Zombies! The Board Game

Who doesn't love a great zombie flick? Often combining gleeful gore with biting satire and social commentary, the zombie movie adventure is always an excellent way to escape the doldrums of everyday life. Survival horror remains one of the most popular fi...

11th June 2009

California political news

California is among the largest states in the Western part of United States and is a place, which always attract the print and electronic media for its political scenerio. Being a state which is quite evenly divided among the Republicans and democrats, th...

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