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01st June 2011

History of angels and animals in Christian art

History of angels and animals in Christian art Ever wondered why most of the Christian paintings has animals and birds in them? If you analyze Christian painting you will probably notice that how birds and animals are used in art to elucidate different t...

13th April 2011

Plausible efforts to save species from dying by Avivet

There live many species of birds, rodents and reptiles on the earth but not every animal or bird gets proper attention it deserves. Man has been cruel to animals and birds and this evident from the dwindling number of species both on land and in water. A ...

14th February 2011

Wooden Statues | Antique Crafts and Garden Decoratives

Wooden statues has noggin a finish of artistic excellence in director complex. The statues allow dolls and figurines prefab from wood. The statues allow the tralatitious designs that are carved on woods. The graven wooden statues are the finished and some...

13th October 2009

Fun Online Coloring Games For Kids

Are you a harassed parent desperately looking for safe activities for your kids? Or maybe you're a caring parent who wants your child to be productively employed? You will find some great concepts so keep on reading. The benefits of online coloring games ...

10th June 2009

Jigsaw puzzles are back with this new online version

Jigsaw puzzle keeps brain alert. It helps in sharpening memory. The first jigsaw puzzle was manufactured by John Spilsbury in the year 1766. Initially it was in the form of map. Map was used in geography classes. It improved education. It is also an cheap...

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