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09th October 2012

Are Certain Behaviors Keeping Your Child with Autism Stuck?

Do all of your child’s behaviors make sense? Most likely they do not, especially if your child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The neural pathways in the brain of a child with Autism are wired differently causing him or her to respond in ways that may be...

02nd May 2012

Am I Spoiling My Child With Autism or Pushing Too Much?

We all want to be confident that we are doing our best as parents but confidence can be difficult to maintain when our well intentioned friends and relatives sometimes judge us to be too demanding or too indulging where our children are concerned. Their d...

07th December 2010

Fresh Herb Garden: More Ways to Use and Conserve Herbs

You planted the herbs and watched them grow and flourish. They are extremely nifty in so more ways. But, using herbs from your fresh herb garden requires a slight bit of wise moves and actions. When you want to use your herb plants, you have to pick i...

14th June 2010

Bean Bags For Kids - Every Child Should Have One

If you have kids yourself I'm sure you already know how difficult it can be to get them to sit still. If your kids are anything like mine you probably find it a never ending task, keeping them sat in one place. Well, in my house that's all changed now t...

29th April 2010

Mineral Eyeshadow colour make-up tips from First Light Cosmetics

Amongst the many questions that we have received at First Light Cosmetics recently, one of the most popular is that of the choice of mineral eyeshadow colour. How do you choose the right eye shadow for your eye colour? Choosing the right colour can obviou...

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