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21st September 2011

How to Create a Logo Design from Start till the End!

The process of designing a new logo design for a company isnít as easy as some people think. It entails a comprehensive and elaborative procedure of analyzing, developing and implementing a corporate identity. Some misconceive logo designing with art draw...

29th June 2010

Sell Your Mobile phones For Money

If you've just upgraded your mobile, then the odds are you also have your older mobilephone lying round somewhere. Actually, numerous persons have a number of many years worth of older mobile mobile phones lying un applied in drawers and cupboards which a...

08th February 2010

Few tips for redesigning your Portfolio website

There might be some probable and good reasons, if you are planning to redesign your portfolio websites. It is might be because you are not getting adequate business, or perhaps you would want to add more features or it could be just that you are simply ti...

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