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12th September 2011

Latest News Thriving On Competition

World came to existence a long time back. Since the time human came in to being world has been evolving faster than ever. Thanks to the creative mind God has blessed man with; he is seeking more ways of eliminating troubles. And with this power came the n...

05th July 2011

Humble Asian Arts

Asian art cannot be underestimated in wherever angle you look at it. Just by considering wall paintings alone, one can notice that art belonging from this heavy-cultural continent is not just merely streaks of brush strokes or some squares that are piled ...

22nd November 2010

Influence of digital technology in creating personalised Pop Art

The art of Andy Warhol was such that one of his pictures was sold recently for over $100 million. He is best known for his pop art creations of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Mick Jaggar along with the art of the more mundane items of daily life s...

03rd September 2010

HTC HD2 : Best Smartphone That You Can Get

There are a good number of mobile phone manufacturing companies in the online market, but the best ones are all HTC handsets. Every smartphone that is launched in the market is inspired by the previously release HTC handsets. The reason behind this is the...

07th July 2010

Stay Close to Nature with DISH Network Channels

Are you bogged down by the mundane polluted city life? To you want to refresh your mind and body? Well you can either go out on a vacation for few days with your family or pamper yourself by attending some of the best spas in town. Since it is not that ea...

25th March 2010

The Advantages of 3D Drawing Learning

Have you ever seen life drawing before? Actually, it looks like a real creation! If you think it deeply, you will get the amazing sense of it. It can be called as 3D drawing. Most of this work will be focused on part of human body. If you are interest...

14th January 2010

Roger Deans Avatar

With the recent launch of the James Cameron film ‘Avatar’, many are claiming the movie has been heavily influenced by Roger Deans work. Roger Dean has been producing art and sculpture for over 30 years. His work explores other worlds, other di...

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