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07th February 2011

Can an inbound call centre help your business?

If you feel you need a new approach to managing your inbound business calls? If so, outsourcing to a call centre may be the answer. Here are 10 reasons to consider an inbound call centre for your business. 1. Your calls will be dealt with team of well-...

17th December 2010

10 Advantages Of Using An Outsourced Call Centre

Do you run a small business thatís looking to expand? If so, you may find your limited team needing to deal with an increase in calls to the office. Here are 10 reasons why introducing a call handling service could be the answer. 1. An outsourced call ...

15th February 2010

What is a Call centre or Contact Centre?

A typical Call Centres or contact centre in the modern concept is a service centre, which has adequate telecom facilities, trained consultants, and access to a wide database, internet and other on-line information support infrastructure to provide informa...

27th November 2009

Customer Service Call Centre Software for your Business

Your ability to provide excellent customer service reflects on your business and affects your bottom line. So how do you develop a call centre with the capacity to cope with peak workload; staffed by efficient, intelligent agents; handling customer reques...

25th November 2009

Quality Guidelines of Call Center Requirements

Call Centre is the internet's leading community dedicated to provide impeccable services to their clients and customers. Call center work force should promote commonsense approaches to the issues that are encountered every day in their jobs. A dedicated i...

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