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18th May 2011

A Guide to Buying the Best Diamonds

When buying your diamond it would be very easy to be swayed by the sparkle and light that emanates from every stone. Even the most inferior stone has a sparkle, but it is not until you are in the presence of sheer quality that you can see the difference...

15th October 2009

Nakshatra: speechless beauty

Ask a woman about the importance of diamonds and jewellery and she will, probably, speak non-stop for hours but there are only a few brands in India that have succeeded in occupying a special place in women's heart. Nakshatra is one of the such brands whi...

23rd July 2009

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond, the most beautiful companion of a girl, is forever. Although this is cliché but absolutely true. Diamond is regarded as the most precious gem due to its beauty and rare occurrence. Diamond is used in many different ways but the most importantly ...

29th May 2009

Diamond Jewellery – Best Gift for Girls

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well, with their sparkle and unique shape, they could be everybody's best friend! However, not everyone knows how to buy diamond jewellery. A lot of consideration must be taken before you go ahead and buy such a...

11th May 2009

Celebrity Style: Paris Hilton

By G J in Beauty
The Pretty but Bold Fashion Statements of Paris Hilton The American socialite Paris Hilton is a celebutante, heiress, model, media personality, singer and actress and is never out of the headlines for her ever-evolving feuds with other Hollywood party ...

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