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18th January 2011

WOW Paladin Leveling Guide

Paladins are the keepers of Light and have the use of Holy Auras. These Auras are powerful spells that can boost the statistics of not only the Paladin but each person within their group. At anytime a Paladin can only have one active Aura, multiple Paladi...

23rd February 2010

The Health Benefits of Shea Butter Soaps

The stuff from which shea butter soaps are made is not actually butter - though it can be used like butter. However, the main ingredient in handmade shea butter soap is actually a kind of vegetable fat derived from the fruit of a tree native to Africa. Wh...

23rd February 2010

What Genuine Hawaiian Lotion Can Do For You

"Hawaiian lotion" is a descriptor that covers a wide range of products from these islands that have been inhabited by an ancient civilization whose roots can be traced back over three thousand years. Hawaiian lotions are descended from the same kind of bo...

25th November 2009

Priest Gold Guide Tips

A Priest is one of the most useful classes in the game. They are great healers, and they can be a valuable addition to an arena team or a raid. The only downside to a Priest is the fact that they wear cloth armor. This can be a problem when trying to farm...

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