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13th May 2011

Discovering Secret Ideas To Come Up With A Beauty Salon Logo Design

Stealing ideas from one person is plagiarism stealing from many is research The above quote is so true but can you claim that the place you took idea from is not plagiarized as well? It is said that nothing is original is this world that is every cr...

10th May 2011

Activ eBook Compiler Review - Legit or Scam?

Product Description Activ eBook Compiler software allows a person to create eBooks from different data sources such as Microsoft Word, HTML and Microsoft PowerPoint files. These are ideal for generating downloadable materials for mark...

05th April 2011

Magic fuels the fame game

by Cathy Macleod, week ending 8 April 2011. MAGIC fascinates the real world, even in this Age of scientific wonders. I saw the proof of its power when newspaper editors pounced on a recent legal trial between two authors. It was a miracle of publicity, f...

31st January 2011

Common Symbols in Logo Design

A logo design is intended to be distinctive and different. Without this, the logo is ineffective. When we use common and old symbols in designing logos, there is little unique about it. Some logo designers believe in following trends but the trouble is th...

26th October 2010

How to Start Your Career as a Logo Designer?

The most crucial phase of becoming a successful logo designer is to find the perfect platform to start your career. Countless designers want to step in the logo design world but remember that the first wrong step might be your last. Hence it is very imp...

05th June 2009

Bob Dylan gets caught again

Have you seen the newest revelation about Bob Dylan? Surprise, he has been accused of plagiarism yet again. Many of you may remember a couple years ago when Bob Dylan was accused of ripping off a book by a Japanese author, pretty much using words from t...

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