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21st June 2011

Indian Dance Classes for Children

Various organizations and individuals offer Indian dance classes for children in New York City and other parts of the US. Instruction is provided for various age groups from toddlers to teenagers. Qualified dance teachers handle the sessions, providing ba...

10th May 2011

Indian Dance Classes for Adults

Indian dance classes for adults enable an understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and diversity. Whether you are an Indian or from any other cultural background, you can benefit from these classes. When you do an online search, you’ll find th...

07th December 2010

History of Natural Indian attars

Attar emanate from the Sanskrit word “sugandha”, natural fragrance oils educe from the botanical sources through hydro or steam distillation. The Harsha Vardhan City of India during Mughal period, well-known as Kannauj is the largest attar producing city ...

30th March 2010

Benefits of Opal Gemstone

The name Opal comes from three sources. One is the Latin word "Opalus". The second one is from the Greek word "Opalliois" which means a change of colour and finally from the ancient Sanskrit word "Upala" which means precious stone. If one speaks of gemsto...

09th December 2009

Information about Thurs

In many western countries thurs count as the fouth day of week and as per the international standard setup by iso 8601. In many countries thurs count as fifth day of the week or in certain nations as sunday-first convention. Commonly thurs falls between...

15th October 2009

Nakshatra: speechless beauty

Ask a woman about the importance of diamonds and jewellery and she will, probably, speak non-stop for hours but there are only a few brands in India that have succeeded in occupying a special place in women's heart. Nakshatra is one of the such brands whi...

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