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24th May 2011

Some Vital Tips To Choose The Right Portrait Photographer

If you browse the internet for the different types of photographs which are popular, you would notice that portrait ones are quite popular amongst a lot of people. It has been seen that a lot of professional photographers, like Russ Babka as a photographe...

16th November 2010

A closer look at some Famous and Revolutionary Photographers

If you've ever wondered about who some of the most famous and revolutionary photographers were, then this article is for you.There are only a couple of photographers who ever gain fame for their extraordinary work. However, there are many unique images ta...

14th December 2009

My Inspiration for Film Making

Recently, I went to a local short film festival that featured many stories from real life - or at least they claimed to be based on a true story! The films were all awesome and entertaining, and it made me realise that there are so many different things t...

20th November 2009

The Story Behind We Didn’t Start the Fire

Billy Joel has always been one of the best singers known internationally. Aside from being a great singer, he is also known to be a great composer. One of the songs he wrote that caught the attention of both fans and critics was "We Didn't Start the Fire....

30th June 2009

Why Read Historical Fiction Books?

The great thing about historical fiction books is that they take you to a period that was real and re-create it for us - opening up both intriguing stories, plus also informing us of the actual history of the times, people and places - usually with accura...

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