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07th March 2012

A beautiful Offset Patio Umbrella

Summer is such exciting and ever waited for people who loves adventure. You might one of them; you might want to get out from a stressful world. It is the time for you to relax, to hang out, to enjoy under the sun and have fun. You might have plans with...

22nd June 2011

Oil Painting Waterfalls

Landscape paintings can often be enhanced by adding some falling water. This need not be a great cataract in to create some extra interest (as in, for example, my painting of Heyburn Wyke, Yorkshire Dales). On the other hand, an actual waterscape might...

05th August 2010

Healthcare initiatives under Rajiv Gandhi charitable trust (RGCT)

RGCT's healthcare interventions include the Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Centres, and the Rajiv Gandhi Arogya Yojna. Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Centres Inadequate development of human resources and infrastructure in UP has resulted i...

22nd March 2009

SPF – What To Know About It?

Sunscreens protect the skin against sun damage. However, you may still be vulnerable to the harmful ultraviolet radiation of sunlight in spite using sunscreens religiously. This may be because you may be using the wrong SPF! What is SPF? SPF is the Su...

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