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29th April 2010

How to choose a service provider for a sms marketing campaign?

Choosing the right service provider is important for the success of your sms marketing campaign. Here we outline some of the important factors that you need to check to ensure success of your sms marketing campaign. Setting the campaign should be easy and...

15th February 2010

What is a Call centre or Contact Centre?

A typical Call Centres or contact centre in the modern concept is a service centre, which has adequate telecom facilities, trained consultants, and access to a wide database, internet and other on-line information support infrastructure to provide informa...

30th July 2009

The Fruits of Apple's Labor

Of all the consumer electronics and software companies rummaging about the market, few, if any, can stand up to the famed business of Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs'brainchild worked its way up from a meek and rather questionable beginning, honing its products an...

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