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04th May 2011

The Call to Freedom

I stood between the train cars, wind blowing in my hair, watching the Mexican countryside flash by. With each passing hour the train wheels carried me further from my obligations, my bills, my job, and the people who knew me. In twelve more hours...

07th April 2011

Stop Thinking of a Tsunami as a Wave

People are largely ignorant about the power of a tsunami, so it's time to review once again what a tsunami is. It is not a traditional sea wave. You know, we're talking about those swells we can body or board surf on, and that go right by us at the beac...

05th April 2011

Divorce Records WA For Everyone

The Evergreen State, Washington, is situated in the north-western part of the United States. It is bordered by British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean. Based on the 2010 U.S. Census, this state ranked 13th in terms of the number of resident...

22nd March 2011

The ABC’s of preparedness

If we want massive destruction, thousands of lives perishing at one time and people suffering, nature can take care of that with natural calamities such as the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on Friday and the subsequent tsunamis that occurred aro...

01st September 2010

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

As more and more people turn to bottled waters, thinking that it is the safest and healthiest drink for them, take a look at what damage bottled water has done to the environment. Every year, 38 billion water bottles are dumped in the landfills and it tak...

23rd June 2010

DISH TV: Your Travel Guide

Life becomes so dull and boring by working mechanically in office everyday. A breath of fresh air is a must and for that we should sometimes go on a vacation with our loved ones. Our mind becomes exhausted and taxed and our life seems to be devoid of fun ...

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