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04th February 2011

House of Cards

Well, it appears that the economy is back on solid footing, the stock market is zooming ahead, sales at the stores are increasing and things are generally moving in the right direction, at least that’s what the financial “experts” would have you believe. ...

17th November 2010

Mother Russia Listens to Mother Nature

The Russian government approved a 221 million Euro energy efficiency programme in October 2010. The programme will try to address the efficiency of factories and how the buildings are run. Russia has finally developed a growing consensus that climate chan...

16th November 2010

GPS Software and Maps for Pocket PCs

Various websites offer GPS maps and softwares for your little handheld device so that, you can go on a long road trip, without any prior knowledge of the route. The maps in your pocket PC or your mobile phone or even your car PC will guide you at every tu...

01st September 2010

the twilight Zone World Of Joe Biden

The Vice President has always been good for a quote, or in many cases, a misquote, when it comes to explaining the reality of our world. However, many times you wonder if he and the rest of us are living in the same world and reality or we are stuck in so...

27th March 2009

Media Training: Barack Obama and the Hypothetical Question

When President Obama held his second prime time news conference his goal was to project and sense of hope that things economic were starting to look better. "What I'm confident about," he said, "is that we're moving in the right direction." I'll leave it ...

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